What is Trademark Clearinghouse?

It is a global database designed to provide trademark owners in any country a tool of protection against third parties who can register a domain name in any of the new gTLD that matches the trademark (for example AGN.BOOK, AGN.MADRID, AGN.APP, etc.).
The owner of a trademark (regardless of the origin country) can protect it by registering it in the Trademark Clearinghouse during a period of one, three or five years.

The Trademark Clearinghouse has a double function:

  • It permits the trademark owners who have made their deposit in the Trademark Clearinghouse and have demonstrated its use to register a gTLD domain (e.g. AGN.NEWS) in the phase called Sunrise or preferred registration. Only the owners of trademarks registered in the Trademark Clearinghouse can register a gTLD in this phase.
  • If a third party requests a gTLD domain that matches a trademark registered in the Trademark Clearinghouse, the owner of this trademark will receive a warning and will decide whether to block this domain, if it causes any damage.

The Trademark Clearinghouse is now open! Move ahead and protect your trademarks registering them as soon as possible

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