1. - Portal Ownership 

 (hereafter AGN) whose place of business is located in Madrid, C/ Alcala 26, and whose TIN is A58481128, duly inscribed in the Commercial Registry of Barcelona in Volume 9,173, book 8385, Section 2, folio 181, record B-110173, owns the portal http://www.allglobalnames.es (hereinafter, the Portal) and makes said portal available to Internet CLIENTS in order to supply information on the services provided by AGN  and to provide services through the Portal.

2. - General Usage Conditions and Acceptance of Conditions

These general usage conditions for the Portal - along with the general contracting conditions which, if applicable, are provided with the service, along with any other special conditions that may be established - have been established to regulate and inform the CLIENTS of AGN’s' services and for the regulation of the Portal's use.

By surfing and using the services on the portal, you agree - as a CLIENT and with no reservations - with all the general usage conditions, the general contracting conditions, and any other conditions that may exist in relationship with the provision of services by AGN.  Therefore, CLIENTS of the site www.allglobalnames.es are recommended to read these conditions before contracting services. Likewise, in the event of a doubt not resolved by our FAQs, you can direct any questions to 
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

AGN can, at any time and without previous notice, modify these general conditions - as well as the general contracting conditions and the general conditions included therein - through the publication of said modifications on the portal so that CLIENTS may be made aware of them in advance.  Any changes will be notified on the homepage of the portal within a reasonable time frame.


1. - Policy on Personal Data Protection

In compliance with that set forth in Spanish Organic Law 15/1999, of December 13, on the Protection of Personal Data, as well as its regulating body, Royal Decree 1720/2007, AGN hereby informs that the personal data given to us by the CLIENT through the registration forms will be incorporated in a file owned by AGN whose purpose is to manage the CLIENT's commercial relationship with our company as well as to provide the CLIENT with information on our services, promotions, and other matters related with our business activities and which can be of the CLIENT's interest.

1.1. - CLIENT Consent:

The CLIENT hereby accepts that the data collected while surfing the Portal or provided through the completion of any form on the Portal, as well as that derived from the eventual business relationships which could arise, will be included in the automatic personal data file previously described.

During the data collection process, and in any places on the Portal where data is requested, the CLIENT will be conveniently informed via a hyperlink, or through the inclusion of the information on the form itself, which must be accepted in order to contract the services of All Global Names.

1.2. - CLIENT's Rights:

The CLIENT can exercise, in regards to the data collected, his/her rights as recognized in Spanish Organic Law 15/1999 on Data Protection, specifically the right to access, rectify and cancel or oppose the data, as well as the reversal of consent for the relinquishment of his/her data or for any of the previously-described uses. The aforementioned rights can be exercised by the CLIENT upon request directed to ALL GLOBAL NAMES, S.A. Alcala 26, 28014 Madrid or by sending an email to the address (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ).

1.3. - Security Measures:

AGN hereby declares to have adopted all necessary and adequate security measures as established in Spanish Royal Decree 1720/2007, which approves the Implementation of the Data Protection Law, being of a “basic” level.

1.4. - Cookies:

AGN hereby informs its CLIENT that its portal does not use cookies.

1.5. - Data Communication:

Personal data collected by AGN will only be communicated to third parties to carry out activities directly related with the legitimate functioning of AGN and of the third party. More specifically, to comply with the order made by the owner of the data so that professional services may be provided by AGN.

2. - Industrial and Intellectual Property. Hyperlink Policy:

2.1. - All the contents included on the Portal and, specifically, the brands, trade names, industrial designs, designs, texts, photographs, graphics, logos, icons, software, or any other signs susceptible to industrial and commercial use are protected by industrial and intellectual property rights in favour of AGN or of the third parties who own said aspects and have authorized their use on the Portal. It is, therefore, strictly prohibited to use and/or reproduce said aspects without the express consent of AGN.

2.1.1 Authorization of Use:

Any CLIENT who wishes to use any graphic, image, photograph, sound, video, brand, or label should request express, written authorization from AGN - where the lack of a response may under no circumstances be considered to be authorization granted - by sending an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

2.2. - AGN will not be responsible for the violation of intellectual or industrial property rights by third parties which could stem from the inclusion on the Portal of brands, trade names, industrial designs, texts, photographs, graphics, logos, icons or software which belongs to third parties who were designated as such when said content was included in the Portal.

2.3. - Under no circumstance shall the CLIENT's accessing and surfing the site imply authorization or full or partial relinquishment, transfer, or cession of said rights; nor shall it imply the concession of any expected or concrete right on the alteration, transformation, exploitation, reproduction, distribution, or public communication of said contents without the previous, express consent of AGN or the respective rights owners.

2.4. - No link to the Portal can be established from any other website without the previous, express consent of AGN.

Any links established should always be directed to the homepage of AGN or, if applicable, to whatever page AGN designates. Said links should be complete and absolute so that they take the CLIENT to the site of AGN with the full homepage being completely displayed on screen.

2.5. AGN will not be held responsible for the contents of websites linked to from the Portal nor for the infractions to the rights of third parties that said pages could commit.

3. - Liability of AGN:

3.1. - Page Use: 
Through these general conditions, the CLIENT hereby agrees to use the portal in accordance with law, morals, public order, and good practices, therefore avoiding actions on the website 
www.allglobalnames.com which are damaging to, or go against, AGN.

The CLIENT of the website 
www.allglobalnames.com will abstain from any action which could interfere with the normal functioning of the services provided by the website and its databases, files, or servers owned by AGN.

The CLIENT hereby acknowledges and accepts that the use of the Portal and its services is carried out under his/her full responsibility.

AGN will only be responsible for damages that the CLIENT may incur as a consequence of the use of the portal when said damages are attributable to wilful misconduct by AGN.

Nevertheless, AGN hereby declares to have adopted all means necessary, within its possibilities and given the current state of technology, to guarantee the working of the Portal and to avoid the existence and spread of viruses and other components that could be harmful to the CLIENT.

4. - CLIENT's Obligations:

The CLIENT hereby agrees to use the contents of the Portal in a diligent, correct, and lawful way and agrees to abstain from:

a) Using the contents for purposes which go against law, morals, and good practices or public order.

b) Reproducing, copying, distributing, allowing public access through any means of public communication, transforming, or modifying the contents unless having been granted the corresponding authorization by the owner.

c) Using the contents of the portal to send publicity, correspondence with the purpose of direct sales or with any other type of commercial purpose, unsolicited messages directed to a collective of people regardless of their purpose, as well as to abstain from commercializing or making public in any way said information.

5. - Commercial Correspondence:

AGN will be permitted to send commercial correspondence through any means in accordance with current legislation on personal data protection.
For any commercial correspondence carried out through email and other equivalent means, in compliance with that set forth in Spanish Law 34/2002, of July 11, on the Information Society and E-Commerce Services, the CLIENT's consent will be duly gathered at the time the corresponding data is collected when services are contracted on the website 

The CLIENT can revoke at any time the consent granted when he/she receives personal correspondence by simply notifying his/her will to revoke consent to AGN 
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).


In compliance with the Law on the Information Society and E-Commerce Services, AGN gives CLIENTS the possibility to acquire its products through its website www.allglobalnames.com and, therefore, complies with current legislation as detailed below: 

6.1. - Purchases made at www.allglobalnames.es: 

During the purchasing process on the website AGN, the steps that the CLIENT will have to go through to correctly complete the online transaction will appear on every screen, where the language for the contracting of services will be selected by the CLIENT in the top menu bar.

To carry out a purchase, it will be necessary to register. For these purposes, the CLIENT will be asked for personal data which is necessary to be able to correctly carry out the purchase operation. The treatment of said personal data will be regulated by AGN’s privacy policy, aforementioned.

6.2. - Price and Taxes:

The prices of the products, along with their applicable taxes, will be specified before making the final purchase and, in any case, when the product is selected. AGN hereby agrees to charge the prices of the articles that appear on screen at the moment of making the purchase.

6.3. – Payment: 
At AGN, we guarantee the security and confidentiality of all data facilitated via the website. All information relating to orders and/or subscriptions is sent through the SSL security protocol which allows the data to travel encrypted through the net. This system ensures the seller's identity, guarantees message integrity, and encodes the data with a key, which guarantees that if someone intercepts the message, it will not be able to be interpreted. 

The purchase process will be carried out via PayPal’s platform.  Therefore, AGN under no circumstance has access to the CLIENT's financial data. We recommend that the CLIENT reads PayPal’s terms and conditions for any questions relating to the purchase process: https://cms.paypal.com/es/cgi-bin/marketingweb?cmd=_render-content&content_ID=ua/Legal_Hub_full&locale.x=es_ES

6.4. - Safekeeping of Data. Proof of Purchase: 

Any information you give to us during the purchase process will be stored for a minimum of one year.  Said information may be accessed upon request directed to the email address: 
 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Once you send your data, you will receive an order confirmation that you will be able to print out and which will be your proof of the purchase made without prejudice to the payment being made effectively.  Likewise, when making the purchase with PayPal, the CLIENT will have a receipt for the purchase in his/her CLIENT account.

6.5. - Order Delivery Time and Place of Purchase: 
Once the purchase is made, the delivery of the service contracted will be effective immediately and for the amount of time contracted by the CLIENT.

Purchases carried out on the webpage AGN will be considered to be carried out, for all relevant purposes, at the domicile of AGN; meaning, C/ Alcala 35, 28014, MADRID.  You may direct any inquiries or claims to said address.

6.6. - Buyer's Rights and Return Policy: 

Once the contracting of services at AGN is carried out, it will not be possible for the CLIENT to revoke said services as they will remain in force for the amount of time contracted by the CLIENT and without the possibility of a refund. 

For any incidents related with an order, you may contact the Customer Service Department at 
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

6.7. - CUSTOMER's Obligations: 

The buyer hereby agrees to accept the conditions of this page in the understanding that they include AGN’s genuine desire to provide services.

The CLIENT hereby agrees to keep, both confidentially and diligently, his/her personal access codes for the website.  AGN will not be responsible under any circumstances in the event of loss or theft of said access codes and access to the CLIENT's account with said codes.

The CLIENT hereby agrees to give correct information as requested in the registration and purchase process. In the event of non-compliance by the CLIENT with this obligation, AGN will not be held responsible for the impossibility to make work, contract, or deliver the products acquired by the CLIENT.

7. - Applicable Legislation: 

The relationships established between the CLIENT and the owner of the Portal will be ruled by that set forth in current law on applicable legislation and jurisdiction. Nevertheless, for cases in which the law allows the parties to choose a jurisdiction, AGN and the CLIENT, expressly renouncing any other jurisdiction which could correspond, hereby agree to attorn to the authority of the Courts of Madrid. 

 In all cases, that set forth by the Spanish Legislation will be of application.



1. Contents and Scope of these Terms and Conditions:

1.1. These Terms and Conditions will rule the registration, use, and maintenance of the domain name that the CLIENT (hereinafter the "Registrant") requests, provided that said name is available and the Registrant accepts compliance with that set forth in these Terms and Conditions, in the Terms and Conditions set forth by ICANN, and those set forth by the Registry of the name being registered which are in force at any given time and available at (http://www.icann.org/,).

Therefore, we recommend that you read carefully these Terms and Conditions and the information directed to you by the hyperlinks herein.  With the same purpose, All Global Names (hereinafter "AGN" or the "Registrar") hereby includes in these Terms and Conditions a Glossary of Terms which will allow you to familiarize yourself in more detail with the services made available for use and the concepts related to the registration, use, and maintenance of domain names.

1.2. AGN reserves the right to modify these Terms and Conditions at any time. Therefore, we recommend that you check their contents periodically. AGN will publish at the address (URL) http://www.AllGlobalNames.com, sufficiently in advance, the text of the new Terms and Conditions and the date that they will take effect, being understood that said publication will be considered to be due notification. Unless AGN expressly indicates otherwise, for legal reasons or because of the rules of ICANN and/or the corresponding Registry, the modifications that are made to the Terms and Conditions will not have retroactive effect.

2AGN's Services:

AGN is a company which provides registration and maintenance services for domain names and is accredited by ICANN, the regulating body for the domain name registration system. In addition, we offer Hosting services, Servers, etc. whose conditions may be consulted below.

AGN works with the entities responsible for Domain Name Registration (referred to collectively as the "Registries") which are listed in clause 3.1.1 below in order to make available to the Registrant the services of management and registration of domain names for registration, maintenance, forwarding, modification, transmission, transfer, renovation, cancellation, and execution of administrative or judicial decisions dictated by the competent authorities on domain name matters, and any other service which becomes available in the future  (hereinafter referred to collectively as the "Services") before the corresponding Registries on the behalf and at the expense of the Registrant. AGN reserves the right to expand and/or modify the range of services listed.

When the Registrant does not have DNS (Domain Name System) services, the request for the management and registration of domain names will entail a request for DNS services to be provided by AGN to the Registrant in accordance with the fees that AGN currently has in force.

AGN is not responsible for possible errors or anomalies in accessing information linked to service provision or in the development thereof when said errors or anomalies are attributable to the Registry involved in the management of the domain name(s) of the Registrant and/or in their registration process, or when attributable to other causes beyond the reasonable control of AGN.

3Conditions Applicable to the Request for Domain Name Registration:
3.1Registries and Technical Limitations to Name Configuration:

The Registries before which AGN will act on behalf of the Registrant, depending on the domain name he/she wishes to register, are those which are listed below:

Verisign is the administrative and managing Entity for the Register of ".com, .net, .org" Domain Nameswhose functions and characteristics can be found online at 

Neulevel is the administrative and managing Entity for the Register of  ".biz" Domain Names, whose functions and characteristics can be found online at 

AfiliasLimited is the administrative and managing Entity for the Register of ".info" Domain Names, whose functions and characteristics can be found online at 

GNR is the administrative and managing Entity for the Register of ".name" Domain Names, whose functions and characteristics can be found online at 

In addition to the named entities, all of the geographic NICs (Network Information Centres) which correspond to a country or territory on the ISO 3166 list and have assumed the corresponding ccTLD (country code Top Level Domain) registration system. The list of websites for said NICs can be found at 


The CLIENT will find that there are technical rules which must be followed to configure a domain name [minimum and maximum length, prohibitions on generic names, signs, underscores, etc.].

These rules are subject to instructions and modifications which can be introduced by ICANN and/or the corresponding Registries at any time. Therefore, we recommend that you check said rules periodically before configuring your domain name.

The domain name as configured by the Registrant will be the one registered on his/her behalf. AGN hereby informs you that the registration system does not allow for the rectification or correction of errors or omissions which may arise in the configuration of the domain name while it is in force.

3.2Registration Process:

To begin the registration process, the Registrant must:

(i) complete the attached form including the obligatory data in accordance with Point 3.3 below and,

(ii) make payment of the corresponding fees.


The registration process for the domain name selected by the Registrant will be understood to be finished once AGN receives notification of the creation of the domain on behalf of the Registrant from the corresponding Registry in the system managed by said Registry.

The registration system is run on a first come, first served basis. Therefore, AGN does not guarantee that the Registrant will be able to register the desired domain name, even if it is available, given that AGN cannot know for sure if the name that you would like is being requested simultaneously through other registrars, or if there are defects or anomalies in the domain name registration process.

AGN hereby informs you that all the data that you give upon carrying out the registration request will be included in our information systems under strict security measures and in chronological order, being attached both the date and hour of the request.

3.3Request Form, Personal Data Protection, and Other Stipulations:

By accepting the Terms and Conditions, the CLIENT consents to the processing of his/her details in accordance with the provisions set out therein.

The Registrant hereby declares that he/she has the necessary legal capacity to contract the Services and that the data which he/she introduces into the form is true, accurate, complete, and current, except for the case of honest errors or omissions. The Registrant hereby agrees to tend to the requests made by AGN relating with the data given and to correct them within seven (7) days of any change during the registration period. Said details will include at least the complete name, postal address, email address, telephone number and, as applicable, the fax number.


If the Registrant is acting through a representative, said representative must have the necessary documentation to prove the granting of the corresponding authorization and powers for such purposes.

Said details will include at least the complete name, postal address, email address, telephone number and, as applicable, the fax number.

3.3.3.AGN, in compliance with article 5 of Spanish Organic Law 15/1999 on Personal Data Protection ("LOPD"), hereby informs that the personal data of the Registrant, and of the persons assigned as technical, administrative and/or billing contacts, will be incorporated into a file owned by AGN and will be treated so that AGN may correctly execute the services that the Registrant wishes to contract. The Registrant hereby authorizes AGN to, in the framework of its business activities, use his/her data for promotional purposes, including the sending of commercial correspondence in electronic form. Said authorization is revocable without retroactive effect. When completing the form and providing the aforementioned personal data, or any other representatives doing so, the Registrant will inform those whose data is included of the provisions set forth in this section and in other sections of these Terms and Conditions in relationship with personal data protection aspects.  The Registrant hereby agrees not to send to AGN any information without first informing those whose data is included of the aforementioned and obtaining the proper consent referred to in section 3.3.6.

AGN hereby guarantees to all people whose data is collected in accordance with the aforementioned that: (i) it will keep their personal data under the strictest confidentiality, (ii) it will not use said data for purposes other than those related with the Services and, if applicable, the authorized promotions or offers, (iii) it complies fully with the provisions of law regulated by Spanish Data Protection legislation, (iv) it has adopted the means to guarantee the security and integrity of said data, avoiding its loss, unauthorized access, disclosure, alteration, or destruction. These measures will also be employed in the transmission of the data about the Registrant to the corresponding Registries and to ICANN in the domain name registration and management processes.

Those interested can exercise, before AGN, their rights to access, rectify, cancel, and oppose the treatment of their data, writing for such purposes to AGN at the following address: 
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

3.3.5.The Registrant hereby agrees to duly notify AGN of any modifications of the data provided in the request form through the means established in these Terms and Conditions, as well as to correct or update incorrect or incomplete data for the full duration of the registration period. Malicious provision by a Registered Name Owner of inexact or unreliable information, or their failure to update the information provided to the Registrar within seven (7) days of any change, or their failure to reply for more than fifteen (15) days to AGN queries regarding the exactness of contact information associated with the registration of the Registered Name Owner, will constitute a substantial breach of the registered registry Owner contract, which will constitute a reason for suspending and / or cancelling the registration of the Registered Name. To do so, once the request is accepted, the Registrant will receive from AGN the corresponding access keys to be able to access his/her data and rectify existing errors or omissions through access to http://www.allglobalnames.com, using for such purposes the login and password assigned by AGN in the registration process. The Registrant will be responsible for keeping said keys confidential and avoiding undue access or use by third parties. In any case, use of the access keys will have the same validity and effect as the written signature of the Registrant or his/her representative, if applicable.

In compliance with that set forth in article 11 and 34.e) of the LOPD, the Registrant hereby accepts and authorizes AGN to send, to the corresponding Registry and to ICANN, the data marked as obligatory which is necessary for the registration and maintenance of the domain name in the pertinent Register.  The Registrant also accepts and authorizes said data to be incorporated in the Directories that each Registry manages, as well as for it to be included in AGN's own directory and made available to the public ("Whois") through its incorporation in the website http://www.AllGlobalNames.com or through email, as required by ICANN.

The Registrant and, if applicable, those who act as his/her representatives as technical, administrative and/or billing contacts, or any others, are conscious of the fact that their personal data can be transferred to the mentioned entities and any others which may work with AGN and/or said entities, being destined to any country in the world and even to those countries which may not offer a level of protection comparable to that offered by Spanish legislation on the matter, in order to allow the corresponding entities to carry out the registration and maintenance of the domain name(s) on behalf of the Registrant.

The Registrant hereby states to have the consent of the people designated as technical, administrative, and/or billing contacts for the purposes of the previous paragraph.

For said purposes, we hereby inform you that the data and information of the Registrant and/or of his/her representatives, if applicable, which will be transmitted to the Registries and will be included in the publicly available directories, will include the following:

(i) Registrant's full name, physical address, email address, telephone number and, if applicable, fax number; 
(ii) name of the Registrant's authorized contact person if the Registrant is a legal person or administrative entity and, if applicable, the name of the contact person responsible for administrative and/or billing matters; 
(iii) IP addresses of the primary server and any secondary servers; 
(iv) names of all the servers; 
(v) any additional reference in relationship with the domain name registered which should appear in the Whois database; 
(vi) any other data that the registration requires and which is necessary to register domains. 

 In compliance with that set forth by the LOPD, AGN hereby notifies the Registrant of the first transfer of his/her data to the Registries in charge of the Register for the selected domain, to the respective NICs, and/or to ICANN, if applicable.  The respective domiciles can be found on the websites of each corresponding NIC, on ICANN 
http://www.icann.org, and on the site of the Registry responsible for the selected domain as indicated in these Terms and Conditions.

3.3.7.The information and the data that the Registrant inputs into the form for its incorporation in the corresponding Directories can be limited or expanded upon in accordance with the rules and regulations of ICANN, the respective NICs, and the Registries, which can be dictated during the time when the domain name registration remains valid.
3.3.8.In accordance with the regulations set forth by ICANN and/or by the corresponding NIC, AGN will keep a copy of the data provided by the Registrant for a maximum timeframe of three (3) years from the date in which the request for the domain name is accepted and, if applicable, for any additional time that ICANN and/or the corresponding NIC considers to be necessary for the correct execution of the Services, in accordance with their regulations.
3.3.9.With regards to the data and information protected by industrial or intellectual property rights and which should be used by AGN and made publicly available, the Registrant hereby grants AGN and the corresponding Registries with a free usage authorization, for all countries of the world, for the amount of time that the Services are provided to the Registrant, and with the only purpose of allowing AGN and the corresponding Registries to provide said Services.
3.3.10.The Registrant can access his/her data and request for his/her review, modification, or updating, at any time, a copy of said data which AGN or the corresponding Registries are in possession of. To do so, he/she should write to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
3.3.11.AGN is not responsible for the suspension, transfer, denial, or cancellation of the domain name at any time and by any of the Registries responsible for the Registrant's domain name due to the existence of errors, omissions, or false information in the data input into the forms.

Likewise, AGN also does not take responsibility for the use that the Registries or the access and use that third parties can apply to the Registrant's information made publicly available on the Internet.  Nor does it take responsibility for the alterations, damages, interference, interruption, or introduction of viruses or damaging agents by the providers of information access and transfer services over the Internet which may eventually collaborate with the Registries on the domain name registration system.

The domain name owner who intends to grant a licence to use a domain name to a third party will be responsible for the information included in the registration agreement itself and will, for all intents and purposes, be liable for any claims arising in connection with the domain name. The owner will therefore be liable for all damages caused by the undue use of the name registered unless he provides the licensee’s contact details within seven (7) days to a party, providing the Owner of the Registered Name with reasonable evidence of legally punishable damage.

3.4Payment of Register Fees:
3.4.1.AGN will start Service the moment in which it is made effectively aware of the Registrant's due payment of the corresponding fees under the terms stipulated in Point 6 of these Terms and Conditions.
3.4.2.After seven (7) days from the date in which the Registrant made his/her initial request without AGN receiving notice of payment being made, the request will be cancelled without previous notice.
3.4.3.When the payment is made via credit card without presenting or electronically identifying the card, AGN reserves the right to suspend the processing of the request if said payment is cancelled fraudulently.  If the registration has already completed, AGN reserves the right to claim from the Registrant the payment of the Registration Fee plus interest, damages, and expenses of any type brought on by the cancellation of payment.
3.4.4.Likewise, AGN reserves the right to apply penalization for the cancellation of a request being processed and for the non-compliance with any of the clauses stipulated in these Terms and Conditions during the registration process. In the latter case, AGN reserves the right to ask for compensation from the Registrant for losses and damages brought on by said non-compliance.
3.4.5.In the event that the registration of a domain name is denied for reasons not attributable to AGN, AGN reserves the right to apply the corresponding fees for the work carried out.
3.4.6.The cancellation of a request whose processing has been carried out does not give the Registrant the right to a refund of the price paid nor a refund of any amount for any other reason.
4Granting Conditions:

Once the payment is made and the request is accepted by AGN and by the corresponding Registry, the domain name requested will be understood to have been automatically registered on behalf of the Registrant, granting him/her said domain name from that very moment as a Client.

Notwithstanding the foregoing, the conditions and time limits for the conclusion of the registration and assignation processes in favour of the Registrant can vary depending upon the procedures that each individual Registry has established.

4.2.The granting of the desired name is conditioned on the nonexistence of a request whose processing is started simultaneously or before the request at hand. AGN automatically processes domain names on strict first come, first served basis.  Requests are processed in the order they are paid for, regardless of the time and date in which the request was made via the completion and submission of the form. AGN is not to be held responsible for anomalies or incidents which arise during the registration process, in the payment process, or as the registration is being requested and granted on behalf of the Registrant.

The CLIENT is the sole person responsible for the choice and use of the domain name, as well as the only person responsible for the correct maintenance of said domain name by keeping the data linked to the name up to date. 

In the event that the CLIENT authorizes a third party to use the domain name, the CLIENT will still be considered the owner of the rights and obligations linked to the domain name when working with AGN and, therefore, the CLIENT will bear the responsibility, before AGN and the Registries, of:

(i) providing AGN and said Entities complete and up-to-date information which said Entities and AGN consider relevant for the maintenance of the domain name registered on his/her behalf.

(ii) complying with these Terms and Conditions and any terms and conditions which, if applicable, are established by AGN and/or the Registries and/or the geographic NICs and/or ICANN, while the domain registration remains in force;

(iii) any other loss or damages which are derived from the CLIENT's non-compliance while the domain remains registered on his/her behalf;

4.4.Likewise, the CLIENT hereby declares and guarantees that the domain name selected and its use do not damage nor do they go against any third-party intellectual or industrial property rights, they do not constitute an act of unfair competition, nor do they violate the rights of any third party in any way.

In those cases deemed necessary, the CLIENT hereby accepts to respond to any claim, dispute, or controversy which may arise in relationship with the rights over the domain name registered on his/her behalf, attorning to the knowledge and decision of the entities designated by ICANN for said purposes, being subject to the Dispute Resolution Policy adopted by ICANN (UDRP) http://www.icann.org/dndr/udrp/policy.htm.

AGN will comply with the regulations applicable to said procedure when the domains registered are subject to the Dispute Resolution Policy (UDRP). 

4.6.The registration of the domain name requested does not confer any guarantees or rights over said domain name except for those which can be derived from the registration of the name itself. The CLIENT is the only owner of the right to exclusive use of said name, being protected, as a result and during the time said domain registration is in force, from the use of the same domain by a third party, both through virtual means (like the Internet) and non-virtual ones.
4.7.The Registrant hereby agrees to defend, indemnify, and hold harmless from any liability both AGN and the Registry, including but not limited to  Afilias Limited, GNR, Verisign, NeuLevel, Inc., and their respective subsidiaries, their executive directors, employees, and agents, thereby exonerating them from liability for any loss, damage, or cost, including the reasonable costs for lawyers, attorneys and other legal fees, which may arise as a result of any claim or legal action brought forth by third parties, or as a result of claims related with the domain name or the use thereof. This indemnification is complementary to any other indemnification required by the dispute resolution policy.

Additional Requirements:
The following provisions are of application for the following domains:

A. (.Info) Regarding any registration of a “.info” domain, the Registrant hereby agrees to and accepts the following:

1. The Registrant hereby allows AGN and Afilias Limited to use, copy, distribute, publicize, modify, and process his/her personal data for the purposes related with his/her request and for compliance with the domain maintenance and registration agreement.

2. The Registrant hereby expressly submits to the procedures established by ICANN's Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy (UDRP) and to the requirements and procedures put into place by Afilias Limited, including the obligatory dispute resolution policy known as the Sunrise Dispute Resolution Policy (“SDRP”). Likewise, the Registrant hereby accepts the possibility that Afilias Limited may modify said policies.  To that respect, the Registrant will adapt to any modifications.

3. The Registrant hereby agrees to maintain the registration information up to date during the full period that the domain name is valid, communicating any variation or modification within said validity period.

4. The Registrant hereby waves his/her right to file claim against Afilias Limited, Registry for “.info”, for any  liability in relationship with  damages and losses that he/she may incur as the result of proceedings, conflicts and/or domain recovery proceedings (UDRP, SDRP or any other). Said exoneration of liability includes, without limitation, the acceptance of any decision aimed at: (a) granting or not, transferring, deactivating, or blocking the Registrant's Domain Name, and (b) relating with the result of any domain dispute or about a domain's registration through any of the indicated means.

5Maintenance Conditions:
5.1.AGN can transfer, to the corresponding Registry, a request to suspend use of, or block, the CLIENT's domain name whenever it is made aware that the use and/or maintenance of said domain has as its purpose, either directly or indirectly, illegal activities, activities which go against the law, public order, generally accepted norms, or which go against the codes of action that govern the CLIENT's normal activities, or if the domain is the means to carry out said activities.
5.2.The CLIENT hereby agrees to hold AGN and the entities which collaborate in the granting, use, and maintenance of the domain name, free and harmless, including their employees, executive directors, officials, agent representatives, and subsidiaries, and, if applicable, to indemnify them for any loss, damage, setback, expense, and cost of any type derived from third-party claims and/or claims from the competent administrative or judicial authorities related with the registration, use, or maintenance of the domain name.
5.3.AGN will not be held responsible for sporadic faults, anomalies, interruptions, or alterations which can arise during the provision of Services, or for the direct or indirect damages which are caused for the CLIENT, when said mishaps are due to causes not within AGN's reasonable control or when they can be considered to fall into the category of force majeure or unforeseeable circumstances.
6Fees and Payment Conditions:
6.1.The prices and fees applicable to each one of the Services, along with their terms of payment, can be found next to each service.
7Renewal Conditions:
7.1.AGN will notify the CLIENT, through the email address that he/she provided in the registration form, of the expiration date of the domain name registration and the timeframe that he/she has to renew it. Notice will be sent 15 days before renewal, a second notice will be sent 5 days before renewal and a final notice will be sent on the day of renewal.
7.2.For the renewal of the domain name, AGN will follow that the provisions set forth in the Terms and Conditions in force at the time of renewal, performing the procedure applicable to the registration request and using the data included in the form presented at the time of the request, unless the CLIENT modifies said data before the renewal takes place

If AGN has not received the corresponding renewal fee 7 days after domain expiry, it will go into a state of technical blockage, ceasing to be functional, and will remain in this status for 8 more days until day number 15.

Up until that day, the domain may still be renewed with the renewal fees in place at that time on the web.

Once these 15 days since domain expiry have passed, it will enter into a “Redemption Grace Period” for 30 more days. The cost of recovering the domain will be the Restore fee in place at that time on the web. In any case, AGN assumes no responsibility for any consequences that may thereby arise. If renewal proves to be impossible, AGN will refund the amount paid in that concept.

8Domain Name Transfer Conditions:
8.1.Once the registration request is accepted by AGN, the CLIENT cannot request transfer of management of his/her domain name to another provider until sixty (60) days have passed from the time the CLIENT was notified of the acceptance of his/her request.
8.2.If the CLIENT has his/her domain name management contracted through another registrar service, he/she can transfer said management to AGN at any time, without prejudice to notice timeframes and other requirements that the previous provider may have established and with which the CLIENT will be responsible for complying. To this end, the CLIENT should expressly authorize AGN in writing following the model he/she will receive by email, sending said authorization to AllGlobalNames, S.A. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and attaching any documentation required by AGN for said purposes.
8.3.If the transfer of domain name management to AGN originates from a change or transfer of ownership of a domain name, the CLIENT should give express consent under the terms stipulated previously and provide documentation to support true ownership of usage rights of the domain name in question, whether by providing (i) a certificate of a definitive decision by a competent judicial, arbitration, or administrative body or (ii) contract or agreement between the CLIENT and the previous owner in which all signatures are authenticated, along with the positions of those intervening in said agreement or contract.

AGN does not guarantee that a requested transfer will be accepted. The transfer will remain, in any case, subject to its acceptance by the corresponding Registry and the Terms and Conditions of said Entity and/or ICANN on domain transfers which are in force at the time. Likewise, the registration of the domain name will be subject to suspension, cancellation or transfer in accordance with any specification or policy adopted by the ICANN or pursuant to any registry or registration procedure in breach of any of the specifications or policies adopted by ICANN:

i.- To correct mistakes by the registry or the registry operation when registering the domain name.

ii.- To resolve disputes concerning the registered name.

8.5.If the transfer is accepted by the Registry, the Registrant will be obligated to extend the registered period of the domain registered on his/her behalf for one year after the expiry of the registration of said domain, being understood that said domain will be under the management and administration of the beneficiary of the transfer, in this case, AGN.
8.6.The transfer process will begin once AGN has received proof that the Registrant has paid the corresponding fees.
8.7.Every registrar has certain transfer terms and conditions which are available at the corresponding registration URLs which can be found in point 3.1.1 of this agreement.
9Limit of Liability:

In addition to the limits of liability set forth in previous Sections, AGN hereby states and the CLIENT hereby accepts that, neither AGN nor the corresponding Registries will be responsible for the damages or losses bestowed upon the CLIENT or third parties whose cause or origin stem from:
(i) loss of a domain name's registration;

(ii) delays or down time when accessing the registration system;
(iii) AGN's or the corresponding Registries' failure to receive the CLIENT's data;
(iv) interruptions, errors, defects, or anomalies in the processing of the request or renewal, as well as that of any registration modification associated with the domain name, provided they are outside the reasonable control of AGN and/or of the corresponding Registries;
(v) loss of, use of, or unauthorized access to information and data which are not attributable to AGN or the corresponding Registries;
(vi) the CLIENT's failure to comply with payment obligations related to applicable fees;
(vii) application of domain name Dispute Resolution Policy (UDRP);

(viii) any other claim, report, damage, cost or expense (including reasonable legal fees and expenses).
Neither AGN nor the corresponding Registries will be held responsible for indirect, special, or unforeseeable damages (including the loss of profits) which the CLIENT may experience and are derived or related with the registration, use, renewal, and/or revocation of the domain name.

AGN hereby agrees to defend, indemnify, and compensate AGN and the corresponding Registry - including the executive directors, employees, representatives, and agents of each one of them - for any loss, damage or cost which results as a claim by a third party, or through sanctions imposed by the competent administrative or judicial authorities, or claims related with the Customer's domain name or its use. This indemnification is additional to any other requested in consideration of that set forth in the UDRP.
11Agents and Distributors:
AGN reserves the right to hire third parties as Agents or Distributors to run Services, always subject to the rules and procedures detailed at http://www.AllGlobalNames.com.

The CUSTOMER hereby accepts that the processing of the registration and management of his/her domain name may be carried out by Agents and Distributors who have been authorized by AGN, the Customer always being subject to these Terms and Conditions.

The Reseller will be forbidden from deploying the ICANN logo or that of the ICANN Accredited Registrar, or to represent or portray itself in any other way as being ICANN-Accredited, unless it has been authorised in writing by ICANN to do so.

All other registration agreements used by the Reseller will include all provisions or warnings of the registration agreement required by the ICANN Registry Accreditation Agreement, as well as any ICANN Consensus Policies, and shall identify the sponsoring registrar or provide a means to identify it, such as a link to the InterNic Whois search service.

The Reseller will identify the sponsoring registrar upon inquiry from the CUSTOMER.

The Reseller shall ensure that the identity and contact information provided by the customer of any privacy or proxy registration service offered or made available by the Reseller in connection with each registration will be deposited with the Registrar or held in escrow or, alternatively, display a reliable notice to such customers at the time that a choice is made to use such privacy or proxy service stating that their data is not being escrowed. Where escrow is used, the escrow agreement will provide, at a minimum, that data will be released to the registrar should the Reseller breach the Reseller agreement, and should such breach be harmful to consumers or the public interest. In the event that ICANN makes available a programme granting recognition to Resellers holding the privacy or proxy registration data detailed above and the Reseller meets any other criteria established by ICANN in accordance with its Bylaws, the Reseller shall be permitted to apply to ICANN for such recognition.

To the extent that AGN is obligated to provide a link to an ICANN web page, the Reseller shall also be under an obligation to provide such linkage.

If AGN were to find out that reseller was in breach of any of the provisions set forth in this section, AGN will take reasonable measures to give notice to the reseller stating that it is in breach of the reseller agreement and the Registrar is entitled to rescind said agreement.

12Management of Multiple Domains:
AGN also makes available to its customers a Multiple Domain Management Service. To receive information about this service, the following email is available: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
13Applicable Law and Competent Jurisdiction:
With the exception of the policies and rules of ICANN (UDRP) and those of the corresponding NICs which are applicable to the registration of domain names and conflict resolution related thereof, these terms and conditions will be interpreted in consideration of that set forth by Spanish legislature.
The Courts of the City of Barcelona will be the competent body unless the Registrant or Customer is a consumer, in which case his/her domicile will determine jurisdiction.
AGN hereby informs you that it has a civil liability insurance subscribed under a reputable company in order to cover any possible liabilities it may have to face for possible damages, errors, or omissions which may occur in the registration process, if said cases are attributable to AGN. However, this policy does not cover claims made within the administrative or judicial jurisdiction of any of the States of the United States of America or Canada.
IP Address A numerical address which corresponds to a server, used to identify said server on the Internet. (For example:
Root Directory Database in which all the data on registered domains is stored, being consulted via "Whois".
DNS Hierarchal system through which an IP address is attached to a domain name.
Registry Entity accredited by ICANN which takes responsibility for the Register of domain names for specific gTLDs and/or ccTLDs. (For Example: Verisign Inc., NeuLevel, Afilias, etc.).
Registrar Entity accredited by ICANN to manage and process requests and maintenance of domain names, acting before Registries.
ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) This is the entity designated by the government of the United States to coordinate network parameters, global administration of domain names, Internet Protocol addresses, and existing Root Directories.
Domain Name Name made up of a first level and second level domain and associated with an IP which serves as identification on the Internet.
First Level Domain Name Any of the endings or suffixes that domain names authorized by ICANN are made up of, whether they are generic, "gTLD" (.com, .net, .org, .biz, etc.) or correspond to a territory or state in accordance with ISO 3166 norms, being country coded "ccTLD".
Second Level Domain Name Alphanumerical succession which acts under the first level domain. For certain TLD it should meet requirements established by local guidelines.
Registrant Physical or legal person who requests the registration of a domain name on his/her behalf.
UDRP (Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution) Domain name dispute resolution system promoted by ICANN.
URL (Uniform Resource Locator) Distinctive address which identifies all resources online.


The characteristics of the Hosting Services provided by All Global Names are indicated on the Hosting page before the service is contracted, including plans and pricing.

The hosting service, with its different plans and given its nature, is active twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, three hundred and sixty-five days a year (24x7x365).

This service is provided by ALL GLOBAL NAMES through partner providers who guarantee service

Transfer Limit:
The Transfer limit is the maximum amount of data to be served per month from the space contracted by the Customer to the Internet, or the data that enters the space contracted by the Customer. This limit applies to data served via any protocol and is defined before the service is contracted.

In order to avoid interrupting service, transfer excess will be invoiced based on the fees in force at the given time. Said transfer excess will be communicated to the Customer at the end of the month and the Customer can consult this information in his/her control panel if he/she has contracted the service.

Maximum Space Contracted by the Customer:
The Customer can only store information and files up to the maximum authorized space. To compute said space, all the services contracted will be taken into account, including email and backup.

The IP address that will answer requests for the Customer's domain has to have the DNS of ALL GLOBAL NAMES. This IP can be dedicated for the domain contracted or a shared IP, depending on the type of hosting contracted.

Control Panel: 
The Customer will have a control panel available to carry out management on his own behalf of the resources he/she has contracted, as well as to activate other additional services or add-ons in accordance with the fees in force at the time.

This is a server integrated within a physical server. Due to the high performance of current hardware, optimal use is obtained. This means that the different virtual servers integrated within a physical server share a physical location but do not share resources (CPU or RAM) or software because each virtual server is, in itself, an independent server.

An additional advantage of the virtual server is that a virtual server on one physical server can be instantly transferred to another physical server, meaning that a problem on one physical system won't affect service.

Backup Copies: 

AGN makes backup copies of the contents of the servers daily so that the information can be fully restored. Nevertheless, AGN does not take responsibility for the loss or accidental deletion of data.

This service does not include restoration of the contents of backup copies.  In the case of restoration, the corresponding fees will be applied. Information restoration will only be included in the price of the server contracted when the loss of the contents is because of causes directly associated with and assumed by AGN.


AGN is committed to keeping its servers protected from unauthorized access and maintaining necessary levels of security.

Notwithstanding the foregoing, AGN cannot take responsibility for unauthorized access with a valid username and password because of the Customer's negligence or security compromise. The Customer is responsible for keeping his/her password hidden from unauthorized persons.

AGN does not 100% guarantee the security of its servers, although it will apply at all times any security measure needed to maintain an acceptable level of security. 

Likewise, AGN will not be held responsible for the loss of information due to technical faults, although it will make periodic backup copies to recuperate the most data possible.


Spanish Toll-Free Phone Number: 

900 373 299 
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.