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Domain and trademark go hand in hand. Defending a domain involves the defense of the trademark and a very specific knowledge of the matter.


Regulations on trademark and domains are different, they start from different agencies or legislators and actually create problems of territoriality: the trademark is an exclusive local right (e.g., in Spain, a granted trademark only provides rights in Spain) and the domain name provides a unique name with universal character (which is visible to everybody).

These legislative and regulatory differences create conflicts that must be solved so that the Internet domain can be used without attacks.

This situation requires good knowledge of the laws relating to trademarks, but also domain regulations worldwide, as well as the ways and procedures for solving conflicts.

ALLGLOBALNAMES has the experience (over ten years) and the team (consisting of lawyers and computer experts in domain names) appropriate to advice and solve any disputes on Internet.


A platform for online sales is a purchase and sale business subject to relevant legislation that sets the game rules: Law 34/2002 of Information Society Services and Electronic Commerce regulates online business and is, among others, the standard of reference.

ALLGLOBALNAMES advices you before starting your online business, writing legal notices, conditions of contract (terms and conditions) and the privacy policy. We also present the most important aspects you should take into account in starting a website or online sales, and the use of electronic means for sending commercial communications.

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